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A Journey I Envision

A Journey I Envision

A Journey I Envision

Fitness Video | Client: Train Beach Club | 2021


The main challenge was to bring passionate athletes together to celebrate their Fitness journey. 


From picking the right shot list to having relevant and personalized storytelling; In addition to implementing voiceovers and stories that serve the client’s vision. All these factors played a key role in leveling up our work to deliver it big.


By breaking the brief, working closely with the client, and bringing the right talent; we managed to produce a captivating video asset that shares the dreams of strong athletes who work hard every day.


  • 30% increase in people visiting Train Beach Club and Train SF

  • Driving 30% higher Brand Awareness and Engagements under Instagram

  • Top 3 Performing Video assets in 2021 under Instagram

  • The asset was shared and displayed across all Train Beach Club locations

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