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Blooming Box Red Bouquets

Blooming Box Red Bouquets


Lifestyle & Beauty |  Client: BloomingBox | August 2021

As one of the leading online gifting shops in the Middle East - BloomingBox was looking to level up its content across social media to attract the right audiences while maintaining the iconic brand identity.

After interacting with the client, we came to understand that upgrading the content level must start from a very crucial point which is the brand itself. We came into place by creating a smooth brand identity visual that portrays the real value behind BloomingBox.

Next, we integrated memorable human touches into the video assets (Reels, Commercials...) to create unforgettable moments that can touch the hearts of every single person who is looking to share gifts, especially with BloomingBox.


Now, let us take you through our journey with BloomingBox.

Client: BloomingBox

Handled by: DryTape Media

Before and After

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