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We're changing the game, that's all.

DryTape is an integrated Marketing, Branding & Production Agency based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates that believes in heartfelt stories and exquisite visuals. We collaborate with brands to help them find their unique voice and iconic personalities.




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Mazen Ahmed

Founder & General Manager

With over 7 years experience in the creative space, Mazen is a multidisciplinary Designer & Creator Inspired by urban culture, he loves to develop new styles and ways to visualize commercial content. He has worked with clients both national & international such as: Emirates, GQ, Snapchat, Discovery, A+E, Networks, Espn, Viacom, Youfoodz & Muscle Nation.


Studying at American University in the Emirates, Mazen acquired a Fine Arts Degree in Interactive and Visual Design, which led him to begin a career in Graphic Design. With a passion developed at an early age for video creation, Mazen soon switched his career focus to content creation, specializing in Branding & Design, Media Production & Digital Marketing.

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