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DryTape Takes Global Stage: Powering Content for EMERGE Tech Event

Updated: Feb 26

EMERGE is one of the most thrilling tech events that comes around every year. It's a fantastic gathering place, connecting bright startups and skilled tech talent with opportunities around the globe.

Well, guess what? We thought, 'Why not get involved?', and reached out to the awesome folks at EMERGE to see if we could cover the event. And, to our delight, they were all in! Thank you Valeria!!!

We got to be a part of the excitement for two solid days. And, let me tell you, it was absolutely buzzing! We saw amazing brilliant minds from all around the world – think big shots from Google and Binance, venture capitalists, and fund folks.

Not only that, EMERGE attracted investors from all corners of the globe. We're talking big names like Shorooq Partners, Wamda, JT Ventures, and the list goes on. So, yeah, you could say the pressure was pretty high!

So, we needed to be in our best shape and focus.

Our mission was:

  1. Roll out some short, snappy 'Reels Recaps' to give everyone a taste of the event action.

  2. Create short video documentations, because who doesn't love a good behind-the-scenes glimpse?

  3. Prep live and video testimonials, so you can hear straight from the attendees about their experiences.

  4. Snap plenty of photos to cover both event-filled days.

  5. And, of course, capture images from all around the event to give a complete picture of what went down!

Let's begin!!!


Pretty cool, right?!

Now, let's check the Reels!



What about the testimonials?


EMERGE team was so happy with the work!

And the greatest part about all this?

We became a global content partner!!

Thanks for reading!

If you wanted any help with covering your Technology event; you know what to do!

Hit that contact form!

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